Connected via PLN

“One of the principles of connectivism is that you share. You offer your knowledge free of charge. For nothing in return, you give it away.” (Baker, 2012). Anyone that has been involved in the area of education knows that it takes a village to raise a child and even it takes a village to keep us connected to all the resources available to make our teaching easier and more flexible to the technology changes that occur daily. Teachers need to keep up with the new trends, tools, gadgets, and information. Since we are in the era of creating and projecting our ideas hoping to catch followers that will adapt to the new tech age movement, I would hope to find more people really sharing their knowledge for free. Being an educator is becoming a giving, a taker and an adapter person of your ideas and someone else’s lesson plans. My only surprise is that there are many internet resources for students however some of these resources are not free for students and the developers do it for financial gain. I understand that we are not in the age of giving everything away for free. There has to be monetary compensation for your effort to create innovative tools. Students are the ones that lose when access is denied due to not having a paid account. For example, there is this great website called Our school has it because the principal pays for the yearly contract for all our students however the other middle schools have no access and all those students don’t get the benefit of that resource.

“This new world is all about creation, not consumption.”(Richardson, 2011). There is a part of me that believes that we are creating more because the tools are to our reach. The question is what is the percentage of people creating versus the number of consumers that are being formed? I see that majority of my students are more consumers of other’s people’s ideas rather than creating their own. How do we transform our students to have a creative mind instead of getting swallowed by a consumer society?

At this moment of my educational career, I am still developing proficiency with the tools of technology and I am in the process of developing relationships with others to solve problems. I need to expand my PLN and follow those that I can benefit from and that I can also have a positive tech influence in their educational pathway.

If I want to become known among my peers in the tech circle, then I must stay on the course and learn to communicate my ideas and ideologies of education by making my voice heard. Besides twitter and facebook, my goal is to create a LinkedIn and Instagram account to reach all different groups in education which include parents, students, teachers, administrators, and district.


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