Motives for Blogging

“There is a path for every person into this networked learning space, and all that is required to make good use of it is a willingness to participate.”(Rihardson, 2011). From creating lesson plans, managing classroom behavior and abiding by the district rules, it ‘s hard to add or develop a new online personal learning network (OPLN). Every school in our district has PLN’s. However, they all consist of teachers in the same content area within every site. We get to share our concerns, goals, and lessons for the benefit of our students. Even though it is a PLN, it feels more like a chore more than a desire to collaborate. There is not enough time to share what is truly in our minds because we need to keep going on to the next chapter or next formative assessment.
I have been blogging due to the requirements of the class, but if I want to make a difference, expand my mind and positively impact others, then I must willingly organize and dedicate to a weekly expression of my heart to a computer screen.
There are some things that I need to be careful when I blog or tweet due to my cynical nature of seeing things. One of my goals is to post the positive side of my teaching job and also be truthful to the outcome of my lesson plans.
Who wants to follow someone that is always negative? Probably no-one. I want to be an innovative vaccine and not a virus!

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