Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship?

I am one of those people that have the privilege of having a dual citizenship. One of them was attained by just being born in that country and the other one was because I wanted to be a part of this great country. The second citizenship is the one that I worked hard to get and this is the one that I respect the most. Being a digital citizen is not given but it must be achieved. As US citizens, we are required to pledge allegiance to our flag, rules, and regulations of our society and as a digital citizen, we also must abide by the rules and etiquette of the internet. Even though some people are born in the era of technology and others are adopting technology as part of their own, we all must learn to assimilate to the customs, culture and verbal communication that is required to be considered as part of the new digital generation. A digital citizen must know how to follow the proper protocol of safety, ethics, information, data, media, and basic communication functions.

How do we prepare informed, ethical digital citizens?

Educating a child into a productive and responsible citizen is a process. Teaching everyone to be a digital citizen is not just only a series of lessons but a concrete building development. When a person becomes a citizen, one of the requirements is to know the language. One of the fundamentals that a child must know is learning the digital vocabulary during their early ages, then teach the child the rules of the language and moving them along to achieve the proper grammar and diction that is required to become a part of the digital era. The only way to achieve success in this area is by implementing tech education starting at home, then schools and finally in the workplace.

How are questions of access and digital divide being address in your teaching environment?

Despite the effort of the district to making changes towards improving the infrastructure and purchasing Chromebooks, the district and the school sites are not spending enough time or effort to spread the limits and risks of accessing the Internet. The only way I have been learning about the access capacity is by asking my fellow teachers about the availability of software.