Game Literacy

What is the role of gaming literacy in today’s classroom?

I do not consider myself to be too familiar with gaming. When I think of gaming, the first thing that comes to my mind is Xbox- Wii. One of my favorite hobbies is to play chess online, and I believe that playing chess challenges my mind to make the correct move within a certain amount of time. Gaming in the classroom could be beneficial as longs as there are boundaries and everyone stays within the purpose of the benefits of gaming. Gaming has three objectives which are: first, to support to improve on learning skills, second, to apply the learning material and third, to discover new information. Gaming can create all these influences in any person’s education as longs as there is a learning purpose while gaming.

How will gaming integrate into core instruction?

During the early ages of a child, it is easy to incorporate young minds to play interactive learning games because their minds are not corrupted yet by the media and established gaming companies. I do perceive in the future a classroom where students can freely interact with learning gaming websites that enhance the knowledge and opens the eyes of the student to have a better grasp of their world around them. I have used some learning gaming sites; unfortunately, half of the students find them too annoying or difficult because many of them want to get a reward or move up the levels without too much effort. Students have the tendency to forget that the purpose of the game is to learn and apply their knowledge. Also, I have seen students more engage in learning when they are in a gaming setting because they feel comfortable and in a safe environment.

Education must change to accommodate all the different learning modalities that our 21st-century students have.



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