What place does web publishing have in preparing digitally literate students?

Web publishing is one of the top steps that a student must thrive to be proficient in the area of digital citizenship. Once a student can master information, visual, data and media literacy then they can create their public work where other people are becoming the consumers of your product.  The combination of the four areas mentioned before and the ability to develop creativity may form a conscientious informed publish material worth reading or watching.

Do students need to learn coding?

Coding used to be known as a tough class to be enrolled, but over the past few years, coding has become the user-friendly class. Students get to design games, stories without having to know too much about the intricacy of digital coding. English, Math, Science, and History have been considered the most important content areas of study. However, this generation of students has added a new type of content area which is digital age. Coding is not just a class that teachers a student to program a new game, but the validity of coding enhances learning when a student can develop and interweave it among the other content areas.

How can web literacy be integrated into the CCSS classroom?

Since the implementation and distribution of GAFE products, it is easier for teachers to implement the design of websites across all content areas. Classroom web pages development and other types of interactive areas for students to express and to show what they have learned in class.