Tech Leadership

What is leadership?

There are three essential factors that attract me to a person in leadership. These same qualities are fundamental for my personal and professional leadership growth:


A leader must be a person that lives a life above reproach and makes Godly decisions for his/her benefit and the benefit of the team members. I want to clarify that when I mean “above reproach” I mean that the leader is not supposed to be perfect by any means. Everyone make mistakes, however, a leader must continually reflect on his decision making and always relay trust to the team members.


A leader must have a mind that dreams for the near future and the beyond future. A leader sees the future that most of us cannot comprehend nor understand how the team members are going to get there. Dreams must be reasonable and attainable.


A leader is a person that is selfless and cares for people who work under the leader’s management. The leader should be willing to listen and have the heart to help the team members grow professionally and humanly.



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