Tech Pedagogy

Philosophy of Educational Technology

      Sixteen years ago, God called me to the school ministry of teaching. I was not sure what my final purpose of my ministry was, but I knew that God was leading me beside still waters and the truth.  As I was learning how to teach, I discovered that one of my precious gifts was to have a personal and professional connection with my students. I learned that everyone is capable of learning, but we all learn differently. Our brain is filled with knowledge daily and our students make the decision to allow new information to come and stay in their minds. The way we teach has changed and our students have changed how they receive information. Students’ adaptation abilities to learn has evolved since the revolution of technology. Imagination and reality have come face to face. Meanwhile, the venues for technology implementation have been broadened over the last decade and the flow of free information available through the web is easily accessible. My calling as a tech leader is to open the gates of knowledge to everyone, to allow freedom of inquiry and to guide safely, each student to the discernment between what is the truth and what is worldly so that they remain grounded in the truth throughout their lives.

       As I learn everyday about technology in the field of education, I imagine technology being the bridge that connects teacher, students and the world we live in. As a technology leader, I envision three main areas that I embrace to achieve the best results possible. First, in addition to my vision to see each child using technology appropriately to connect to the outside of their community, I want to lead by example and I want to challenge each one of our teachers to seek new and innovative methods that astonish the mind of the student. Leaders are people that lead by undertaking even if the process does not work on the first try. We keep on modifying and tweaking until we achieve a positive result. Failure is not an option and I thrive to take a swing at any type of technology that is thrown my way.

       Second, I desire that each staff member gets involved, either by teaching, learning or supporting. I want to see a group of people working together with a common goal. The advancement of the student’s education is our main priority and technology is the tool we use in our trade. As a leader, I must search for new software or hardware that can help our teachers do a better and more efficient job.

     Lastly, I want to inspire others to follow my lead by creating a support network because I can’t let any teacher be left behind technologically. Since we live in an era where technology is changing expeditiously, I would expect to have a group of educators ready to tackle the unknown future problems.